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July 7 - July 28 | 9:00 AM + 11:00 AM

At The Movies is where Southwest explores God’s truth through the lens of film throughout July. We'll look to answer the question, "Can films create avenues to share the gospel?" You’ll step on to campus and it'll feel like a traditional movie outing. There will be plenty of popcorn and sweet treats after each service. We can't wait to see you!


Redemption is everywhere. Even in this dark and chaotic world, the story of the gospel, the ultimate triumph of good over evil is embedded in the very fabric of the culture, namely in the stories we tell.

In the Bible, Jesus used relatable stories to share meaningful messages and we’re bringing that same approach to “At the Movies.” This sermon series will use some of your favorite movie clips to illustrate biblical truths.

Each week will feature a unique and exciting experience with incredible worship, powerful teaching, and of course, popcorn and sweet treats.

We see this series as a great way to point people to the one ultimate truth—JESUS!


Our Southwest Kids ministry will be available for newborns through 5th grade. We invite you to bring your kids every Sunday as they experience their own intentional time learning about Jesus. 


During our At the Movies series,  the Southwest Student section for middle school and high school students is every Sunday at 11:00 AM in Auditorium 1. Middle school students will head upstairs for their service after worship. They'll be able to have a space to experience At the Movies with their friends and classmates that they invite to the services. 


During our At the Movies series, we will livestream the weekend service to our Church Online platform only on Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM & 11:00 AM.


At The Movies is a 4-week summer message series taking popular movies and connecting them with Biblical truths. In each service you’ll see scenes from some of your favorite films and hear a message that connects to the teaching of the Bible. It’s a great opportunity to invite your friends and family!

The At the Movies series is designed to be an onramp for people in our church and people in our valley who do not know the message of the Bible and help connect them to God and His gospel. Jesus taught heavily through stories and parables using truths that were apparent in cultural life to point people to God. In a way, movies are our modern day parables. Movies explore the issues we all confront; death, beauty, courage, purpose, pain, connection, and hope. These films are often popular because they touch on universal longings and needs. We see this series as a great way to point people to the one ultimate truth—JESUS.

Theologian Francis Schaeffer said, “Art is a reflection of God’s creativity, evidence that we are made in the image of God.” We don’t endorse the entirety of the content in the films we are featuring. However we’ll make it obvious that that each of these films points to a truth about the human condition and the need for Jesus. In the same way Jesus taught the people of His day by looking around to the objects and stories present in the culture (coins, sheep, widows, and wayward sons), we are looking to the stories being told in our culture and using the questions they elicit to point people to God.

Yes. Each week we’ll look at a movie through a biblical lens, studying Scripture that expands and illuminates the truth at the heart of each movie’s theme.

Our hope is to use this series as a practical, tangible way for the people of Southwest to engage the people in their lives who are spiritually curious, hungry, and INVITE them to a safe and welcoming place to learn more about Jesus. We see this series as a great tool to help our people move where they live. Many of these films have already connected with the culture on a heart-level. Our ultimate goal is to point people towards what we all need—a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

During our At the Movies series, we will livestream the weekend service to our Church Online platform only on Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM & 11:00 AM.


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