Southwest is looking for men who exemplify the characteristics listed below to be recommended as a potential members of the Elder board at Southwest Church.

If you know of someone who exemplifies these characteristics and that you would like to nominate them as an elder at Southwest, please fill out the form below. Also, please continue to keep him and the rest of our leadership in prayerful consideration throughout the selection process. Thank you for your involvement!

biblical qualifications of elders:

When looking for an Elder, here are some qualifications, based on Titus 1 and Timothy 3, to look for:

They need to be above reproach (spotless reputation). If married, they must be in a thriving Biblical marriage, with a family that models stability and dignity (if they can’t lead their own home, how can they be entrusted to lead God’s family?). They need to be sober-minded, sensible, respectable, with a welcoming temperament even to people who are strangers, gifted to teach, able to grasp sound Biblical doctrine, and even refute those who contradict it or seek to alter Biblical meanings. They can’t be a drunk, violent in nature, a new Christian, quick tempered, driven by the love of money, and not self seeking. They are to be driven by serving, following God’s will and instructions, and motivated by love.

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